North Tampa Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning 10-2-2014

A tile roof cleaning  job near Tampa Florida that we did today (10-4-2014). This luxury custom built home is 14,000 sq feet, including the 5 car garage, and a repeat customer. This one had those wide barrel tiles that are quite common on luxury homes here in Tampa.
Tampa Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Before

Barrel Tile Roof in Tampa Cleaned After
This barrel tile
roof also had a lot of Copper on it, so we had to clean slowly, and be sure not to get any of the tile roof cleaning solution on the Copper. or it could have stripped the Patina. Our customer is a car collector, and had several old and rare muscle cars in the garage. He is also a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan, so we talked plenty of football and hot rods, once we got done cleaning his roof. He told me that several  Buccaneer's live close to him, in his exclusive subdivision. It feels good when one of our past roof cleaning customers hires us again. We have been doing what we do here in the Tampa area nearly 22 years, and nearly 1/2 of our current business is from customers we have serviced in the past. Though we apply a special roof treatment chemical so our roofs stay clean longer, it is important  to know that the plant that is growing on your roof will eventually grow back. The heat and high humidity here in the Tampa Florida area will make certain of that.
But our goal here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is to prevent the regrowth of this plant, for as long as our current technology permits.  Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate and consultation on all your roof cleaning needs.


  1. We were very pleased with this large tile roof cleaning job Caleb. It did have quite a bit of debris we had to remove, especially in the gutter between the swimming pool and the house. In fact, this gutter debris was so impacted, we had to dig much of it out by hand to remove and clean it.

    The last few years, we have seen normal rainfall down here in the Tampa Florida area. The result of all this rainfall is tons of dirty shingle and barrel tile roofs down here. Many of the nicer subdivisions here in the Tampa area are Deed Restricted. This means that some of our customers are forced to get their roofs cleaned by their Homeowners Associations. That is how we originally met this repeat customer. He received a "clean your roof or else" letter from his HOA nearly 6 years ago, and saw our trucks out working in his subdivision. Him and I hit it off, because he had a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Shirt on, and we are both football fans. He received another letter from his Homeowners Association, remembered the great job we did nearly 6 years ago on his barrel tile roof, and hired us to clean it again.

    Even though I would have no problem cleaning my own tile roof Caleb, there is just no way I could ever live in a Deed Restricted Subdivision. I am a Ham Radio Operator, and the large antennas my hobby requires simply are not allowed by Tampa Homeowners Associations.

  2. Great article and what a spectacular house!! Their is nothing like repeat business to make a company grow. Great web site thanks for Sharing Chris.


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