Chemically Cleaning A Barrel Tile Roof In Tampa

Here is a repeat barrel tile roof cleaning customers home in the Hunters Green Community in New Tampa we did nearly 5 years ago.
Unlike Pressure Washing, that merely scatters the still living roof algae that discolors tile roofs here in Florida all over the place, our exclusive Tri Chem Chemical Cleaning Process actually removes and kills this Algae.
Then we go one step farther, and apply another exclusive to us chemical treatment, to insure the longest life from your barrel tile roof cleaning.
Yes, you can find less expensive barrel tile roof cleaning in Tampa, but you can't buy better.

This customer got tired of having his barrel tile roof cleaned every 18 months. We gave him a business card about 5 years ago, when we were in Hunters Green, cleaning his neighbors roof.
He called us a week later, and said he was impressed with the way his neighbors roof looked.
He was also impressed that his neighbor had no broken roof tiles, and all the faces of the tiles were spotless.
Though we were more expensive then the Pressure Washers from Tampa he had used previously, he said he decided to "take a chance" on us.
He told us that Hunters Green has the most active homeowners association in zip code 33647, and he was tired of having to get his barrel tile roof cleaned, every 18 months.

This customer and I were both born in Detroit, Michigan. We had a lot in common, talking about the place we both moved to Tampa from.
In fact, we both graduated from high school, in 1972!
He moved here to the Tampa area to attend the University Of South Florida, where he got his Masters Degree from.
He is an Architect, and was quite concerned about the structural integrity of his roof tiles, and did not want them cracked or broken.
In fact, the first time we cleaned his tile roof, he asked that we take before and after the cleaning pictures of the entire roof, to assure him that no tiles were damaged.
We were more then happy to comply with his reasonable request.

Here are the pictures of the job.

As you can see, this tile roof in the New Tampa zip code 33647 came out beautifully, and will stay that way for a good long time.
If you would like to get your roof cleaning cost, or need any additional information, call us at 813-655-8777