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As with most forms of architecture, you can trace tile roofs way back in history, to the ancient Greeks. They caught on as a practical alternative to fire-prone thatch, and in modern times add an elegance and historical element to some of the most beautiful homes in Florida.
Yet just as with any type of roofing, tile roof cleaning is essential, here in the Tampa Florida area. Between dirt, mold, algae and bacteria, tile roofs become nasty looking,  rather quickly. And somehow, roof cleaning companies tend to go straight to power washing as the de facto method of cleaning tile roofs in Tampa, Florida.

One reason for the use of a Pressure Washer to clean tile roofs is this - Money!
If 500.00 is the price you pay to get your tile roof washed, and you are foolish enough to chose Pressure Washing to do it, the roof cleaning company you chose can keep every bit of that 500.00, simply because they do not have to buy the expensive chemicals needed to do the job correctly!
Plus, since they are not using the proper tile roof cleaning chemicals, only high pressure water, they also save money by not having to pay a helper, to protect your plants.

While heavy and long lasting, tile roofs are also delicate and porous. An overzealous pressure-washer can easily damage the roof, and a single cracked or broken tile can be exorbitantly expensive, IF you can even find a replacement. Our philosophy is simple: use gentle yet effective cleaning methods that kill the algae and mold living on the tiles, rather than trying to blast it off with thousands of PSIs of water pressure.

To protect your roof and your home, we tailor our tile roof cleaning in Tampa, Florida to the specific type of tile on your roof, whether ceramic, concrete or clay. Biocide based solutions are a favorite, quickly killing mold and algae without damaging the tile. Detergent-based solutions bring the life back to your tile, upping your home’s curb appeal while helping to maintain its roof. No matter what chemical solution is best, all of our formulas are biodegradable, as safe as possible for your plants, and won’t damage your tile.

Don’t trust your expensive tile roof to a pressure washer. Contact us today at 813-655-8777 to learn more, and get a free estimate on your tile roof cleaning cost!