Roof Cleaners Tampa FL

Here is a shingle roof we just cleaned last week 8-22-2013 in South Tampa, FL
As you can see, this home in South Tampa is under trees, and so it also had a lot of Moss and Lichens on this shingle roof, as well as Black Streaks from the Algae.

Lichens attach to a shingle roof, and if any pressure is used to remove them, it can take parts of the roof off. Kind of like throwing the Baby out, with the bathwater!

We had to blow off a ton of debris from the trees this shingle roof is under, but that is all in a days work for us roof cleaners.

The customer was happy, and let us put up a yard sign, for all her neighbors with dirty roofs to see.
We have 2 additional South Tampa Roof Cleaning jobs scheduled for after this long holiday weekend.

Our work speaks for itself