Tampa Roof Cleaning Cost

Roof Cleaning Cost is determined by a lot of factors. We will need to ask you several questions, when you call. The very first thing we will ask you, is where the roof you want cleaned is at. We are primarily a Tampa Roof Cleaning Company. It is true we do large jobs outside of the area, but our main focus is within 50 or so miles from downtown Tampa.
here are a few examples, of our work.

Next, we will need to know the square footage of your home. If your home is 3000 sq ft, and has a 3 car garage, we must add the additional square footage of the garage, since it has a roof on it needing cleaned as well!
We will ask you if it is a one or a 2 story home, what type of roof is it, shingles, or tile ?
Does your home have gutters or not, and if so, are they all around the house ?
Do you have standard landscaping, or do you have a ton of expensive landscaping, that will need to be protected.
Is the roof free of debris, or are there leaves on it, up to your knees ?
If you roof is very steep, it will add to your roof cleaning cost, because it will take more chemicals to clean it, and the chemicals are not cheap.

All these things are reasons why we do not do "email estimates". There are many questions we will need to ask you, besides the ones listed here, that will determine your roof cleaning cost.

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