Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa

Here is a silly video I made of us non pressure cleaning the shingle roof of a Church in the Tampa area.

This shingle roof was very very steep, and you can see the thickened AppleSauce Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Chemical we make, sticking to it really good.
Making the cleaning chemicals stick to the roof is very important, because the effectiveness of the chemicals are inversely proportional to the length of dwell time.
These non pressure roof cleaning chemicals can't clean, if they are running off the shingles, and into the landscaping and environment.
This Church had Bermuda Grass, and we consider that delicate landscaping. Because our AppleSauce sticks to the shingles better and longer, we can use less of it, meaning more of a safety margin for our customers grass and plants.

We cleaned this roof on a Monday, and also treated it with our exclusive algae spore block inhibitor.
Church Services were held on Sunday as scheduled, and the parishioners all remarked to the pastor about what a nice job we did.

It is not a job for a beginning roof cleaning company, to take on a large, steep roof, like this one.
The pastor of this Church wanted a company who knew what they were doing, who was fully licensed and insured.

We think our work, credentials,  and qualifications, speak for themselves.

No, we are not the very cheapest non pressure roof cleaning company in the Tampa area.
But we feel we are the very best, and have the experience, credentials, awards, and references, to support that claim.