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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa
is owned and operated by Chris Tucker.

He is also the founder of The Roof Cleaning Institute Of America, and a nationally known expert and teacher of non pressure roof cleaning.

The roof cleaning industry in Tampa is packed full of fly-by-night operators, untrained people who claim this or that, companies that claim to be #1 with special cleaning systems and so on. Don't believe the hype!

This is why Chris started Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa. There is an absolute need for a professional, honest, trustworthy, fully trained, and knowledgeable company that specializes in residential roof cleaning in the safest manner possible.

Got questions? Give us a call! You'll get nothing but total and complete honesty. This is a key factor that most companies lack. Some companies will try to trick you when asked what they use to clean your roof. They'll use big & fancy words and hope that you don't know the difference.

At Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, we treat every client with respect and honesty! It's the way we want to be treated when we're consumers. Chris is a true professional and believes in taking care of his customers. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed 100%!

If we need to go out to a clients home to give an estimate, (most of the time this is not needed) we completely explain the roof cleaning process step by step in easy to understand terms. We want you to fully understand how your roof is going to be cleaned, and we'll stay there as long as needed, even provide a free demo.

How many companies will go this far? Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa™ will go as far as it takes! We want all of our clients to be educated when it comes to roof cleaning. Maybe then can we get rid of all those con men fly-by-night operators.

Don't trust your shingle or tile roof to just anyone!
Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa™ 813-655-8777 and get the facts!
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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa

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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 is the company that pioneered the
chemical roof cleaning revolution. Our exclusive, non pressure process actually evolved from the pest control perspective. 

One Apple Sauce application can last up to five years
on most shingle or tile roofing surfaces. 

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 also cleans many other
exterior surfaces. 

Please enjoy these photos of our work.
The Apple System cleans algae on painted surfaces without damaging the paint.

Shingle roofs are cleaned with absolutely no pressure! The Apple Sauce does all the work.
We could lay a piece of bread on your roof and it would stand up to the no pressure Apple Sauce spray.
Cleaning light colored shingle roofs, can help with high cooling cost during the heat of the Tampa summers.
Mold, mildew, cob webs and soil are emulsified by our Apple Sauce.
High School Stadium Cleaned In Tampa, Florida.
Wood decks, fences and shake roofs are cleaned and protected using our Wood Cleaning System.

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Apple Roof Cleaning Systems Of Tampa 813-655-8777

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Thank you for visiting with us. You will find that the Apple Roof Cleaning System is and will continue to be the standard for service excellence in the roof and exterior cleaning industry.

 Our roots lie in a revolutionary roof cleaning process, developed with the guidance of major roofing manufacturers, we like to call the Apple Roof Cleaning System. We coined the phrase "Safe Roof Cleaning" and brought Tampa a roof cleaning process that is guaranteed in writing not to negate your roofing manufacturers warranty.
In the past, pressure washers were used to clean all types of exterior surfaces around homes and businesses. Now the Apple System allows the safe cleaning of all types of surfaces including walls, drives, pool decks, screen enclosures, wood decks, fences and many other residential and commercial surfaces. Never pressure wash again, use the exclusive Apple System.
In the roof cleaning industry in Tampa you can't be too careful. Please beware of imitators! There is only one Apple Roof Cleaning System 
Apple are the originators of the "Safe Roof Cleaning" process that revolutionized the roof and exterior cleaning industry in Tampa.
Please browse our site and let us know what you think. If you would like for us to contact you, or if you have any questions please call Apple Roof Cleaning Systems of Tampa at 813-655-8777
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Certified Roof Cleaning Tampa FL 813-655-8777

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Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 is a family owned and operated, RCIA Certified shingle and tile roof cleaning company. We have over 20 years of experience, serving both residential and commercial property owners.
As you can see below, we won the Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year award in 2002!

 Located in Brandon Florida, Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa actively serves a large West Central Florida market segment, including the Tampa Bay area

Did YOU Know?  
Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL specializes in non pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. 

Roof stains, dark streaking, and mild to severe roof discoloration are a growing epidemic all across the United States. 

Why do we SPECIALIZE in only Roof Cleaning? 

The REASON is that ....
 To effectively combat this growing homeowner threat that is affecting roofs everywhere, it requires expertise, and know-how. Training and Experience are key. The Roof Cleaning agents we utilize here at Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL, can be potentially dangerous in the hands of a inexperienced novice both to landscape, plants and certain stains, woods, paints and etc. and needs to be handled with careful, attention to detail and used in a correct manner. Make sure you always hire a trained, RCIA CERTIFIED roof cleaning contractor such as Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL
Roof Cleaning Contractor CERTIFICATION is your assurance as a residential or commercial property owner that your roof in Tampa is cleaned, treated and well cared for, following non pressure industry leading, modern standards for safe, soft wash roof cleaning.

Roof Algae .... Is it SPREADING? 


Yes, it is! Quite LITERALLY in fact. 
This is not just a localized Tampa Florida area problem, in fact, it is quite literally, it is a  NATIONWIDE PROBLEM that.... 

Unless dealt with early on, roof algae can lead to premature roof failure in Tampa, and require either full of partial replacement of your shingle and tile roof before it's useful service life is complete. 
Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-877 will be glad to answer any and all of your shingle and tile roof cleaning questions.
Call us today, and receive a FREE ESTIMATE from a fully trained and Certified Roof Cleaner,  on your tile or shingle roof cleaning cost!

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Chemically Cleaning A Barrel Tile Roof In Tampa

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Here is a repeat barrel tile roof cleaning customers home in the Hunters Green Community in New Tampa we did nearly 5 years ago.
Unlike Pressure Washing, that merely scatters the still living roof algae that discolors tile roofs here in Florida all over the place, our exclusive Tri Chem Chemical Cleaning Process actually removes and kills this Algae.
Then we go one step farther, and apply another exclusive to us chemical treatment, to insure the longest life from your barrel tile roof cleaning.
Yes, you can find less expensive barrel tile roof cleaning in Tampa, but you can't buy better.

This customer got tired of having his barrel tile roof cleaned every 18 months. We gave him a business card about 5 years ago, when we were in Hunters Green, cleaning his neighbors roof.
He called us a week later, and said he was impressed with the way his neighbors roof looked.
He was also impressed that his neighbor had no broken roof tiles, and all the faces of the tiles were spotless.
Though we were more expensive then the Pressure Washers from Tampa he had used previously, he said he decided to "take a chance" on us.
He told us that Hunters Green has the most active homeowners association in zip code 33647, and he was tired of having to get his barrel tile roof cleaned, every 18 months.

This customer and I were both born in Detroit, Michigan. We had a lot in common, talking about the place we both moved to Tampa from.
In fact, we both graduated from high school, in 1972!
He moved here to the Tampa area to attend the University Of South Florida, where he got his Masters Degree from.
He is an Architect, and was quite concerned about the structural integrity of his roof tiles, and did not want them cracked or broken.
In fact, the first time we cleaned his tile roof, he asked that we take before and after the cleaning pictures of the entire roof, to assure him that no tiles were damaged.
We were more then happy to comply with his reasonable request.

Here are the pictures of the job.

As you can see, this tile roof in the New Tampa zip code 33647 came out beautifully, and will stay that way for a good long time.
If you would like to get your roof cleaning cost, or need any additional information, call us at 813-655-8777

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Softwash Roof Cleaning Tampa

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Benefits of Softwash Roof Cleaning 

Softwash roof cleaning is a surprisingly simple process that provides dramatic results for Tampa Florida area customers. Rather than applying brute force in the form of a pressure washer in order to remove algae, mold, dirt, mildew and grime, soft wash roof cleaning utilizes a mist of an incredibly effective solution that not only kills algae and mold while dissolving dirt and grime, but that also helps to prevent regrowth of these harmful substances. All with less pressure than a garden hose. The benefits of softwash roof cleaning are numerous, especially when compared to traditional pressure washing treatments.

Softwashing doesn't damage your tile or shingle roof. 

Pressure washing, with 2,000 to 5,000 psi of water pressure, eats away at the protective coating on your roof, damages asphalt shingles and tiles, and does little to prevent the regrowth of algae and mold. This means you have to undergo pressure washing treatments more frequently, only furthering the damage. In fact, the damage caused by a pressure washing system is the equivalent to a hail storm, a fact that more and more shingle and tile roofing manufacturers are recognizing.
It won’t void  your shingle warranty. Roof material manufacturers understand that pressure washing dramatically reduces the lifespan of a roof, and having it done will void the warranty of your roof in many cases. However, most manufacturers approve softwash cleaning, which means your product guarantee will still be in place and in good standing, when our crews drive away from your home.

The results last longer. 

The unique chemicals used in softwash roof cleaning dissolve dirt and grime and kill algae and mold. The misting system of a softwash rig allows the cleaning chemicals to penetrate the roof and get into every single nook and cranny, ensuring that your entire roof is clean when we’re done. On the other hand, pressure washing often misses things, which means there’s still a breeding ground for harmful organisms left over even after the most efficient cleaning. In addition to this, pressure washing only gets rid of dirt and grime, while softwash roof cleaning actually protects your roof from developing mold and algae down the road. This means your roof needs cleaned less often, saving you time and money.

It increases roof life. 

The gentle nature of softwash roof cleaning and the protective chemicals used to clean the roof ensure that you get the most out of your investment. While other cleaning methods can actually reduce the lifespan of your roof, requiring that you replace it sooner rather than later, soft washing on an as-needed basis prevents damage and protects the roof from harmful organisms. Ironically enough, algae and other organisms here in the Tampa Florida area actually feed off of the materials commonly used in roofing, causing the shingles, tiles and other materials to degrade. With soft washing, there’s no damage during cleaning and it prevents damage afterwards, so that 30 year roof will actually last you 30 years or more.

In the end, soft wash roof cleaning is the most effective and safest roof cleaning method available here in the Tampa area. Don’t settle for subpar treatments; reap the benefits of softwash roof cleaning today!

How Softwash Roof Cleaning Works

Since contractors, companies and homeowners here in Tampa realized the benefits of roof cleaning, from removing algae to increasing home efficiency to killing off mold to keep the home safe, pressure washing was the common choice in treatment. Yet over time, it quickly became apparent that pressure washing, with water reaching thousands of psi, actually did more harm than good. Such a high level of water pressure damages any type of roof, from basic shingles to expensive tiles. And while many companies still utilize this damaging method of cleaning, softwash roof cleaning is now the absolute best choice available to homeowners.

So what is Softwashing ? 

Essentially, softwash roof cleaning is a detergent-based process that utilizes water with less pressure than is emitted by a basic garden hose. The softwashing detergents are used to kill roof algae at its core, one of the most common causes of damage to the roof, reductions in home heating and cooling efficiency, and unsightly discoloration. In addition to removing and killing algae along with mold and dirt, softwash roof cleaning also leaves behind deterrents to prevent algae or mold from growing back. In fact, soft wash roof cleaning lasts four times longer than basic pressure washing here in Tampa, all without damaging the roof, the home or the surrounding vegetation.

When the crew shows up to softwash your roof, the equipment may surprise you. Rather than a modified pressure washing system (so common here in Tampa), softwash equipment most closely resembles the products used in pest control. A softwashing rig is comprised of a tank, pump, hose and spray gun. It’s simple in its beauty and effective as well. Rather than blasting high-pressure water directly onto your roof, the soft washing rig gently applies a mist of an incredibly effective yet still gentle and biodegradable solution. We tailor the exact products to your specific roof, the climate here in Tampa, and the issues you’re facing, from mold to algae to basic dirt and grime. Essentially, the power of the softwashing rig comes from the solution itself rather than the equipment, yet the equipment still plays a pivotal role. The soft mist allows the solution to penetrate the roofing system and get in between the cracks, ensuring that the entire roof is treated. This not only cleans your roof right the first time, but also ensures that the preventative solutions present in the soft wash products protect every part of your roof, from the highest peak to the small gaps between tiles.

By utilizing top-of-the-line shingle and tile roof cleaning solutions, environmentally friendly products that minimize harm to plants and vegetation, and soft, gentle sprayequipment, softwash roof cleaning is the single best method to ensure that you realize the full life of your shingle or tile roof in Tampa, protect the home below it, and drastically increase your property value and curb appeal.

For a free estimate on getting your roof softwashed, call us at 813 - 655 - 8777

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Safe Tile Roof Cleaning in Tampa, Florida 813-655-8777

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Certified Tile Roof Cleaners !
As with most forms of architecture, you can trace tile roofs way back in history, to the ancient Greeks. They caught on as a practical alternative to fire-prone thatch, and in modern times add an elegance and historical element to some of the most beautiful homes in Florida.
Yet just as with any type of roofing, tile roof cleaning is essential, here in the Tampa Florida area. Between dirt, mold, algae and bacteria, tile roofs become nasty looking,  rather quickly. And somehow, roof cleaning companies tend to go straight to power washing as the de facto method of cleaning tile roofs in Tampa, Florida.

One reason for the use of a Pressure Washer to clean tile roofs is this - Money!
If 500.00 is the price you pay to get your tile roof washed, and you are foolish enough to chose Pressure Washing to do it, the roof cleaning company you chose can keep every bit of that 500.00, simply because they do not have to buy the expensive chemicals needed to do the job correctly!
Plus, since they are not using the proper tile roof cleaning chemicals, only high pressure water, they also save money by not having to pay a helper, to protect your plants.

While heavy and long lasting, tile roofs are also delicate and porous. An overzealous pressure-washer can easily damage the roof, and a single cracked or broken tile can be exorbitantly expensive, IF you can even find a replacement. Our philosophy is simple: use gentle yet effective cleaning methods that kill the algae and mold living on the tiles, rather than trying to blast it off with thousands of PSIs of water pressure.

To protect your roof and your home, we tailor our tile roof cleaning in Tampa, Florida to the specific type of tile on your roof, whether ceramic, concrete or clay. Biocide based solutions are a favorite, quickly killing mold and algae without damaging the tile. Detergent-based solutions bring the life back to your tile, upping your home’s curb appeal while helping to maintain its roof. No matter what chemical solution is best, all of our formulas are biodegradable, as safe as possible for your plants, and won’t damage your tile.

Don’t trust your expensive tile roof to a pressure washer. Contact us today at 813-655-8777 to learn more, and get a free estimate on your tile roof cleaning cost!
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Soft Wash Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms

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This home in Tampa Palms belongs to a repeat customer. She had us clean her tile roof back in 2008.
She has family coming down to Tampa from up North for the holidays, and wanted her house to look it;s best.

We used our soft wash tile roof cleaning system on it today 11/20/2013, and cleaned it w/o using any pressure washing, just like we did for her 5 years ago.
This tile roof will look even better then it does now, after a few good rains.

We are proud of the high quality roof cleaning work we do, and work hard at it.
It feels good when customers remember us, to have their tile roofs softwashed again, 5 years later!

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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

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The Ins and Outs of Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services (813) 655-8777

For Tampa, Florida homeowners who’ve just realized that their roofs, just like every other area
of their homes, require cleaning, the task at hand can seem daunting. What should you expect?
How long will the Soft Wash Roof Cleaning take? What do you need to do to get prepared?

Well, we have the answers for you.

In order to thoroughly Soft Wash your roof and kill any bacteria, algae or mold growing along your
shingles or tiles, special chemicals are a necessity. And for landscaping aficionados, that can be harsh on your plants, if proper preparations are not taken. The night before your scheduled Soft Wash roof cleaning, thoroughly water your flower beds
and gardens. This prevents them from soaking up any Soft Wash cleaning chemicals at the roots. When
coupled with the thorough water rinse that we do to ensure that no chemical residue is left on
your favorite annuals and perennials, your plants are safe during and after Soft Wash roof cleaning.

These same Soft Wash chemicals can damage potted plants and grills, as well as lawn furniture, decorative gnomes and other garden items, and clothes hanging on the line. To ensure that nothing is
damaged or discolored, moving these items indoors or covering them with a tarp is essential.
Park your car in the garage, with the door closed, or move it to the street, keeping the driveway
clear. This protects the finish on your car and gives our workers plenty of space to move equipment
about, ensuring that the Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is done quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, it’s important that pets are kept inside on the day of the cleaning. Soft Wash roof
cleaning means that, with just a pick-up of the wind,  chemicals could land on your
favorite four-legged friend.

On the day of your scheduled Soft Wash shingle roof cleaning or tile roof cleaning, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the Soft Washing to finish. We’ll show up with two to three certified roof cleaning specialists and all of the necessary equipment. We start by covering your landscaping and other areas of your Tampa Florida area home with tarps to prevent overspray. Our workers also attach special collection devices on the ends of your downspouts, preventing the Soft Wash Roof Cleaning solution from emptying into your flower beds, or near your foundation.

In addition to these safety-measures, we apply the Soft Wash roof cleaning solution with specialized
equipment that targets the spray, ensuring that your shingle or tile roof is thoroughly cleaned while the rest of your Tampa FL area home is maintained. In order to prevent damage to the roof and surrounding areas, we utilize a non-pressure Soft Wash roof cleaning system. This leads to a very thorough long lasting job that ensures your  Tampa Florida area  home is in better condition than when we first arrive.

Enjoy your clean, safe and healthy roof that has been safely Soft Washed, and watch your property value skyrocket!
Call us at 813-655-8777 if you are in the Greater Tampa Florida area, for your free estimate on Soft Wash Roof Cleaning for all Shingle, Metal, and Tile Roofs
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Roof Cleaners Tampa FL

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Here is a shingle roof we just cleaned last week 8-22-2013 in South Tampa, FL
As you can see, this home in South Tampa is under trees, and so it also had a lot of Moss and Lichens on this shingle roof, as well as Black Streaks from the Algae.

Lichens attach to a shingle roof, and if any pressure is used to remove them, it can take parts of the roof off. Kind of like throwing the Baby out, with the bathwater!

We had to blow off a ton of debris from the trees this shingle roof is under, but that is all in a days work for us roof cleaners.

The customer was happy, and let us put up a yard sign, for all her neighbors with dirty roofs to see.
We have 2 additional South Tampa Roof Cleaning jobs scheduled for after this long holiday weekend.

Our work speaks for itself

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Shingle Roof Cleaning Valrico Florida

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Valrico is just east of Brandon Florida, where we are located. We do a lot of work in the Valrico area.
These roofs all had shingle roofs on them, and are located in Valrico.
Call us at 813 655 8777 for a free estimate.

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Why Tile Roofs Cost More To Clean

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Most of our business is from past customers in the Greater Tampa Florida area we cleaned years ago, or from friends and neighbors they refer to us. One customer was puzzled why his neighbors paid less cost to get their shingle roof cleaned.
Well, he had a tile roof!

It always costs more to clean roof tiles, and here is why. It can easily take 3 to 4 times the amount of the roof cleaning chemicals to clean the same size tile roof, as it does for one made out of shingles!
Even though we thicken up our "Apple Sauce" cleaning solution, there will always be more run off on a tile roof vs one made out of asphalt shingles.
Not only must we go to almost heroic measures to protect the landscaping when cleaning a tile roof, but the greatly increased roof cleaning chemical usage adds to our cost for doing the job.
Plus, we are "perfectionists", and want our job spotless when we leave.
We do not do the 1/2 ass work we  sometimes see passing for  "tile roof cleaning" here in the Tampa area.

Remember, you always get exactly what you pay for, no more, no less.
We always want to get the roof to look as good as we can make it look, so it will not only pass the scrutiny of the Homeowners Association, but also please our customers, who take pride in the homes.
Something to think about, before you take the lowest roof cleaning cost estimate you get.
Seldom, if ever, will our company offer the "best price" or the lowest "roof cleaning cost", and here is why.
We are not the "9.99 Oil Change" that lowballs you to "get you in the door", only to add on to the cost you pay, once they have your vehicle up in the air.
Beware of bait and switch roof cleaning cost scams, and always remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Our Company won the chamber of commerce business of the year award in 2002!

We did not win this award by ripping people off, or deceiving them with bait and switch, lowball sales tactics.

If you live here within 50 miles of Tampa, and have a tile roof that needs to be properly cleaned, give us a call at 655 8777

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