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This unfortunate homeowner got more then he bargained for, when he went looking for a Roof Cleaning Contractor in the Tampa Florida area! 
He received a letter from his Homeowners Association, demanding he have his roof cleaned. 

He did call us to see how much our services cost. We told him what the roof cleaning cost would be, and then he said he "had to talk to his wife". I tried to warn him that there will always be a difference in price between a quality company, with fully trained, licensed, and insured employees, and some guy who supposedly cleans roofs. It seems he found a lower roof cleaning cost then our estimate (he "saved" 50 dollars ).
I TRIED to warn him, but he insisted "All Roof Cleaning In Tampa Is The Same" !

Well, the picture he sent us speaks 1000 words! 

This unfortunate homeowner hired the wrong Tampa Roof Cleaning Contractor! 
As you can see, the careless and inexperienced guy he hired mixed the cleaning chemical (whatever concoction  he used) much too strong, and actually changed the color of this poor homeowners paint from blue to green ! 

Then, he found out the guy he hired did not have insurance, nor the money needed, to re paint his home! 

I feel I failed this potential roof cleaning customer. 

After nearly 20 years of cleaning roofs in the Tampa area, most of our customers are either repeat customers we cleaned years ago, or people who are referred to us by Roofing Contractors, Painters, and Realtors.  I  no longer have to play "salesman". Most callers are aware of our reputation for quality service, at fair prices. 

Perhaps, I could have been more "pushy", and saved this potential customer from all this ?

Contact us: Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 711 Westbrook Avenue Brandon FL 33511 - 813 655 8777

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