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This unfortunate homeowner got more then he bargained for, when he went looking for a Roof Cleaning Contractor in the Tampa Florida area! 
He received a letter from his Homeowners Association, demanding he have his roof cleaned. 

He did call us to see how much our services cost. We told him what the roof cleaning cost would be, and then he said he "had to talk to his wife". I tried to warn him that there will always be a difference in price between a quality company, with fully trained, licensed, and insured employees, and some guy who supposedly cleans roofs. It seems he found a lower roof cleaning cost then our estimate (he "saved" 50 dollars ).
I TRIED to warn him, but he insisted "All Roof Cleaning In Tampa Is The Same" !

Well, the picture he sent us speaks 1000 words! 

This unfortunate homeowner hired the wrong Tampa Roof Cleaning Contractor! 
As you can see, the careless and inexperienced guy he hired mixed the cleaning chemical (whatever concoction  he used) much too strong, and actually changed the color of this poor homeowners paint from blue to green ! 

Then, he found out the guy he hired did not have insurance, nor the money needed, to re paint his home! 

I feel I failed this potential roof cleaning customer. 

After nearly 20 years of cleaning roofs in the Tampa area, most of our customers are either repeat customers we cleaned years ago, or people who are referred to us by Roofing Contractors, Painters, and Realtors.  I  no longer have to play "salesman". Most callers are aware of our reputation for quality service, at fair prices. 

Perhaps, I could have been more "pushy", and saved this potential customer from all this ?

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Dirty roof? Insurance can be canceled

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It is hard to believe a dirty roof in Tampa can get your homeowners insurance cancelled, but it is true!
Dirty roof? Insurance can be canceled
If you are trying to get homeowners insurance, and have a dirty roof, call us at 813-655-8777 before you apply. We have seen Tampa Florida area homeowners required to get a brand new roof, when a low cost non pressure cleaning would have prevented it!

Dirty roof? Insurance can be canceled
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Cheval Homeowners Association Roof Cleaning

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The Cheval Homeowners Association sent our customer a roof cleaning letter. He did not know who to call to get this steep 2 story shingle roof cleaned. As he was playing on the Cheval Golf Course, he was given our name by a previous customer. He wanted to get 3 bids, and called 2 other Tampa Roof Cleaning Companies. They came out to give him their estimates. One simply refused to even bid on cleaning this steep and dangerous 2 story roof. The second Company from Lutz, suggested he call us:)

A steep, older, 2 story shingle roof like this, is no job for your yard guy, or a handyman!
This shingle roof in Cheval is nearing the end of it's life, and has noticeable loss of it's protective granules. It is the roof's ceramic granules that determine it's color. Once the granules are missing, the roof can look dark, or even black, even if it is not dirty! This is because shingles are made from either fiberglass or asphalt, and they are dark in color.

The Homeowners Association in Cheval is pretty strict, and really wanted a roof replacement, at a cost of near 15,000 dollars! However, we were able to clean this steep, dangerous roof, and satisfy the Association!

Our customer will still have to replace his aging shingle roof someday in 3 to 5 years, when it gets dirty again. But we are proud that we bought him some Time!

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Roof Cleaning Methods

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The method we use to clean depends on a lot of factors. We always evaluate each roof for the safest, and most cost effective way to clean it. Some  can be walked on safely, and some can not.
If you live in an expensive home, we are the guys you want to do your roof cleaning. Just as you would not waste your time taking your BMW to some shade tree mechanic, our before and after roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves. Because we are teachers of our trade, we have to be aware of the latest and safest methods of cleaning.

Every job we estimate is important to us, from a 150.00 small home with asphalt shingle roofing, to a 10,000 sq ft Slate Tile Roof, like this one in the Avila Community, just north of Tampa.

Maybe you received a letter from your homeowners association asking you to get your tile or shingle roof cleaned ?
If so, tell your Homeowners Association you are considering hiring us, and see what they say!
It is a Conflict of Interest for a  Homeowner Association to recommend  any roof cleaning company.
But if you ask your association or property manager about us, you will probably hear something like this '"Apple Roof Cleaning has been around for years, and many of the people we sent letters to over the years have used them"
Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate by telephone. We only need to know if your roof is tile or shingle, and how big your home is.

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New Tile Roofs Fight Air Pollution in Tampa

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This is a great new technology for tile roofs, that will not only help  roofs stay cleaner longer, but actually help clean the air we all breathe here in Tampa! 
Boral Roofing has developed a Titanium Dioxide based coating process that uses what is called Nanotechnology to fight algae growth. This coating will hopefully put an end to tile breaking pressure washing of these kinds of roofs.
High Pressure Washing one of these tile roofs may harm or remove the coating. Titanium is a chemically resistant tile roof coating that will be unaffected by the roof cleaning chemicals we currently use!
This is great news for Tampa Homeowners, because it will greatly extend the time between those dreaded roof cleaning letters!

BoralPure™ SMOG-EATING Tile is the first of-its-kind product in sustainable concrete roofing tiles that reduces the formation of smog. The revolutionary SMOG-EATING Tile can be installed on both new residential and commercial buildings, as well as re-roofing projects. The only concrete tile roofing solution in the U.S. that mitigates air pollution, SMOG-EATING Tile represents one means for builders and consumers alike to protect the environment. 


Air pollution is an undisputed problem in the U.S. and the World Health Organization estimates 2.4 million people die annually world wide of causes attributable to air pollution. In one year, 2,000 square feet of the SMOG-EATING Tile mitigates the same amount of nitrogen oxide (a major component of smog) produced by one car driving up to 10,800 miles, making BoralPure™ SMOG-EATING Tile an important solution to smog and the health problems it causes.

The BoralPure™ SMOG-EATING Technology works via a catalyst embedded in the upper portion of the roof tile. When exposed to sunlight it speeds up oxidization reducing nitrogen oxide, which can be generated from fossil fuel burning processes resulting from operation of motor vehicles. Working much like a catalytic converter does in a car; SMOG-EATING Tile transforms harmful substances into safe ones, protecting the quality of the air we breathe. 
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Algae Resistant Shingles Warranty Roof Cleaning

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Tamko And GAF, as well as Owens Corning, make Algae Resistant Shingles that have a Warranty covering Roof Cleaning.
If you have Algae Resistant Shingles that need roof cleaning, we are experts in helping you to file a warranty claim.
If you have already paid extra to have algae resistant shingles installed on your roof, why pay twice to have them cleaned ?
Contact Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa at 813-655-8777 so we may assist you in getting your roof cleaned for free, under the warranty you have.

Tamko Algae Resistant Shingles

Tamko Algae Resistant Shingles Cleaned Under Warranty

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