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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 813-655-8777 won the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Small Business Of The Year award in 2002.
We are nationally known experts, and Teachers of Roof Cleaning to others

Our Roof Cleaning  is done w/o using ANY kind of pressure washing, and is guaranteed in writing to be SAFE for your roof by a company with an A+ BBB Rating.
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We offer roofing manufacturer approved, non pressure shingle and tile roof cleaning, for the entire Tampa Bay, FL area. 

Our services include.. chemical roof cleaning of asphalt and fiberglass roofing shingles .. cleaning of flat cement roof tiles .. Barrel, Clay, Slate, and Terra Cotta tile roof cleaning .. steep residential and commercial roof cleaning .. bituminous flat roof chemical washing .. soffit and fascia cleaning .. mildew removal and prevention treatment, for roofs and all exterior surfaces .. and yearly algaecide treatment for algae, mildew, and black roof mold prevention. 

We use only Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and Roofing Contractor approved chemical solutions and cleaners on your roof. 

Roof Algae spreads itself by unseen, microscopic airborne spores, just like a dandelion weed.
Your roof algae infestation can easily spread to your neighbors home. 
As you can see, a dirty roof is not just an eyesore 

That's one reason Tampa Homeowners Associations and Property Managers send out letters requiring you to have your roof professionally cleaned. 

Nobody likes to be told that they have to clean their roof by their Homeowners Association or Property Manager. 
However, allowing it to remain dirty will compromise the efforts of your neighbors, who are trying to keep their own roofs clean! 
Many of you have witnessed first hand what happens when an uncaring neighbor allows weeds to take over their lawn ? 
Pretty soon, the weeds spread to the immediate neighbors, and then throughout the neighborhood. 
The bottom line is this. 
Allowing your roof to remain dirty can, and will, compromise your whole neighborhood! 

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