Cleaning Black Roof Stains

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cleaning tile roof tampa fl
Why your roof shingles or tiles are turning BLACK?
Remember the first time you looked up at your roof in Tampa and noticed those black stains appearing on your shingles? This is quite a common occurrence  in Tampa Florida. Even on a roof with (so-called) Algae resistant shingles, the Mildew protection can begin to fail in as little as 1-2 years. In Tampa Florida's hot and humid climate, Mildew and Algae will grow on your roof shingles and tiles, leaving black stains that spread across the entire shingle or tile roof unless treated.
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Roof Cleaning Brandon Fl

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Here are some roofs we cleaned in Brandon Florida recently. I graduated from Brandon High School in 1972 and have been cleaning roofs w/o using any pressure in Brandon for a very long time.

Let the others sing you a song and dance about  their "wonderful" roof cleaning. Our roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves!  Do not be deceived by liars and con men in the roof cleaning business who take pictures of already clean, impressive looking roofs in Brandon someone else cleaned. Look for, and demand before and AFTER roof cleaning pictures. Look around their site, then compare their roof cleaning pictures with ours. NO roof cleaning company in Brandon, or anywhere in the entire Tampa Bay area cleans, or has cleaned, anywhere near the amount of roofs we have. Call Apple Roof Cleaning Brandon FL at 813 655 8777 and we will treat you right.
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