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Roof Before Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning Chemical

Do It Yourself Internet Roof Cleaning Chemicals ?

Our company cleaned the roof of  a Home in Ruskin, Florida.
It came out beautifully, and so we stopped at to this home right around the corner to leave our card.

We were informed they had friends who planned to do it for them.
As usual, we cautioned them against the use of pressure cleaning, and warned them of improper do it yourself roof cleaning chemicals.

We told them the truth, that the shingle warranty on their roof can be compromised, as well as the life of the roof, if improper do it yourself roof cleaning chemicals were used.

We were told they had it "all taken care of".
They planned to purchase a do it yourself roof cleaning chemical off of the Internet.
They said they had "no need" for a roof cleaning company, as all they had to do is merely spray this Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning Solution purchased from the Internet on, and wait for the rain to "rinse it off"
They were told that the do it yourself roof cleaning chemical they planned to buy would kill the plant growing on their roof, and the rains would SOON "wash it away"
We TRIED to warn them, but they had it all "figured out".

This "do it yourself roof cleaning chemical" was applied almost 2 years ago.
Look at the picture ?
It looks WORSE then when it was solid Black.
The roof is STILL discolored, even after two years of rainfall and the Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning Chemical!

No way any Florida Homeowners Association is going to allow a roof to be cleaned this way.
We are called out quite often to remove this Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning stuff purchased off the Internet from still dirty roofs.

Many homeowners are actually embarrassed to tell us they TRIED to save a buck or two, and clean their shingle or tile roof themselves.

Our advice ?
Save yourself a LOT of money, time, and disappointment.
IF it were this easy, think about it ?
Apple Roof Cleaning and other professional roof cleaning company's would be right out of business.

Don't be fooled by the "guarantees" and "testimonials" from some of these Internet sellers of do it yourself roof cleaning chemicals.
Just TRY sending it back, then listen to the excuses about how you improperly applied it, etc, etc, etc.

Call a professional roof cleaning company in your area, or if in Florida, call us at 813 655 8777
Why waste your money on Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning ?
Apple Roof Cleaning 7401 Patrician Place Tampa,FL 33619 Call(813)655-8777 for a free estimate!

Contact us: Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 711 Westbrook Avenue Brandon FL 33511 - 813 655 8777

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