Tampa Roof Cleaning Prices

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When looking to hire a roof cleaning service, many people in Tampa make the mistake of buying on price alone. Lacking enough information, they just assume all Roof Cleaning in Tampa is "the same", and hire whoever offers them the best price. Of course, the Kia Salesman will tell you his car is "just as good" as a Mercedes Benz, LOL
Shopping for roof cleaning prices on the Internet can set you up to get your roof ruined. It is far too easy for fly by night operators to create a roof cleaning web site, and pay a computer geek to make sure their web site is visible in a search for Tampa Roof Cleaning Cost . Many of these shady operators will have pictures of impressive homes they claim to have cleaned the roofs on, but have they really ?
Look real close, how many Before and AFTER roof cleaning pictures do they have ? Are these roof cleaners BBB Members, and what qualifications or certifications do they have to clean your roof ? What awards have they won, and what do their peers in the roof cleaning business think about their work ?
Are they going to pressure wash your roof, and if they say they are going to use chemicals to perform the roof cleaning, how do you know they are not going to water the chemicals down to offer low roof cleaning prices, or use cheap, unapproved, and dangerous chemicals to keep the roof cleaning cost down.

We at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 are nationally know Teachers of Roof Cleaning,  the founders of the Roof Cleaning Institute. We wrote the Certification Standards. We are also BBB Accredited Members with an A+  Rating, and we clean more roofs then ANY Roof Cleaning Company In Tampa.

Imagine that, an A+ BBB Rating  ?
Think about this. Many folks who hire our roof cleaning service do not want to even get their roofs washed. They are being forced to get roof cleaning prices by their homeowners associations, or property managers. Many are mad as hell that their deed restrictions require them to spend money they had not planned on, to clean their roofs!
They can not take their anger out on their homeowners association, so God help the roof cleaners if they ruin your roof, break your tiles, kill your plants, or cause leaks, despite their low roof cleaning prices. Yet, with all this, Apple Roof Cleaning has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, as well as a great rating on Angies List!

No, our roof cleaning prices are NOT the lowest in Tampa. We clean your roof up to RCIA Certification Standards, not down to a price. Just as a quality home in Tampa Palms in a great neighborhood costs more then a run down termite trap in a bad neighborhood in East Tampa, our roof cleaning service costs just a little more, but it is well worth it.
When shopping for Roof Cleaning Cost, consider this. This is the roof of you home we are talking about, you are not shopping for a Maytag Washing Machine, or a new automobile, and whoever has the best price wins.
Please remember, All Roof Cleaning In Tampa is NOT "The Same".

We at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 try to be reasonable on cost.  We won the Brandon Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year award in 2002, so we must be doing something right ?
But if you find a price for comparable roof cleaning, we will match, not beat it. And we will do a better job cleaning your shingle or tile roof, because quite simply, we have much more experience, and are better at what we do.
Our advice is, don't hire any Tampa Roof Cleaning Company w/o at least talking to us first. Don't allow fast talking con men offering low roof cleaning prices to ruin you roof.  Another tactic we see far too often is shady operators will give you a very low roof cleaning price, to "get their foot in the door". Once they arrive at your home, and you have taken the day off work, they start to tell you that you "need additional cleaning for your home, screen roof, or driveway".  They can't make any money performing the roof cleaning for the low cost they quoted, so they depend on selling you unneeded, unwanted, and costly additional cleaning work. They depend on you to capitulate! If you don't, they will "clean your roof" in a 1/2 ass fashion. Then, when you say "Hey my roof don't look very clean, my homeowners association will never go for that" they will say " Our roof cleaning price was for one coat of chemicals only, or one pass of our pressure washer"  So, the "low cost roof cleaning" wasn't really so low cost, now was it ?
We don't low ball you,  or play those games.
Call 813-655-8777 for your free consultation and roof cleaning cost today.

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Cleaning Roofs In Tampa

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The Best Roof Cleaning Company In Tampa!

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 813-655-8777 won the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Small Business Of The Year award in 2002.
We are nationally known experts, and Teachers of Roof Cleaning to others

Our Roof Cleaning  is done w/o using ANY kind of pressure washing, and is guaranteed in writing to be SAFE for your roof by a company with an A+ BBB Rating.
Call Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Of Tampa, Florida at 813 655 8777 for a free telephone estimate today.

We offer roofing manufacturer approved, non pressure shingle and tile roof cleaning, for the entire Tampa Bay, FL area. 

Our services include.. chemical roof cleaning of asphalt and fiberglass roofing shingles .. cleaning of flat cement roof tiles .. Barrel, Clay, Slate, and Terra Cotta tile roof cleaning .. steep residential and commercial roof cleaning .. bituminous flat roof chemical washing .. soffit and fascia cleaning .. mildew removal and prevention treatment, for roofs and all exterior surfaces .. and yearly algaecide treatment for algae, mildew, and black roof mold prevention. 

We use only Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and Roofing Contractor approved chemical solutions and cleaners on your roof. 

Roof Algae spreads itself by unseen, microscopic airborne spores, just like a dandelion weed.
Your roof algae infestation can easily spread to your neighbors home. 
As you can see, a dirty roof is not just an eyesore 

That's one reason Tampa Homeowners Associations and Property Managers send out letters requiring you to have your roof professionally cleaned. 

Nobody likes to be told that they have to clean their roof by their Homeowners Association or Property Manager. 
However, allowing it to remain dirty will compromise the efforts of your neighbors, who are trying to keep their own roofs clean! 
Many of you have witnessed first hand what happens when an uncaring neighbor allows weeds to take over their lawn ? 
Pretty soon, the weeds spread to the immediate neighbors, and then throughout the neighborhood. 
The bottom line is this. 
Allowing your roof to remain dirty can, and will, compromise your whole neighborhood! 

Call us at 813-655-8777 for roof cleaning prices, and more information.
Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida
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Cleaning Black Roof Stains

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cleaning tile roof tampa fl
Why your roof shingles or tiles are turning BLACK?
Remember the first time you looked up at your roof in Tampa and noticed those black stains appearing on your shingles? This is quite a common occurrence  in Tampa Florida. Even on a roof with (so-called) Algae resistant shingles, the Mildew protection can begin to fail in as little as 1-2 years. In Tampa Florida's hot and humid climate, Mildew and Algae will grow on your roof shingles and tiles, leaving black stains that spread across the entire shingle or tile roof unless treated.
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Roof Cleaning Brandon Fl

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Here are some roofs we cleaned in Brandon Florida recently. I graduated from Brandon High School in 1972 and have been cleaning roofs w/o using any pressure in Brandon for a very long time.

Let the others sing you a song and dance about  their "wonderful" roof cleaning. Our roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves!  Do not be deceived by liars and con men in the roof cleaning business who take pictures of already clean, impressive looking roofs in Brandon someone else cleaned. Look for, and demand before and AFTER roof cleaning pictures. Look around their site, then compare their roof cleaning pictures with ours. NO roof cleaning company in Brandon, or anywhere in the entire Tampa Bay area cleans, or has cleaned, anywhere near the amount of roofs we have. Call Apple Roof Cleaning Brandon FL at 813 655 8777 and we will treat you right.
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Why Is My Roof Dirty?

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Why Is My Roof  Dirty ?
What you see on your Tampa Roof is not dirt!
The blackness is actually mildew that lands as a spore, germinates and then grows using the roofing surface as a nutrient base. Green Mildew will always appear initially on the north side of your house and roof in Tampa. This is because moisture stays there longer and mildew needs three things to grow: moisture, heat and some sort of nutrient. The humid, rainy climate here in Tampa Florida is ideal for Green Mildew and Black Algae growth!

Other variables besides the direction your house faces are the type, grade and manufacturer of your roofing shingles or tiles, whether you have a pond or swimming pool nearby creating abundant moisture and hot/humid weather here in Tampa. Continuous warm humid weather in Tampa promotes mildew growth. Shade on your roof provided by nearby trees can promote mildew growth due to increased moisture, as well as leaves and pine needles that sit on your asphalt shingle or barrel tile roof for extended periods of time.
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Roof Cleaning Port Tampa Florida

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 Here is a roof cleaning in Port Tampa we did awhile ago. Port Tampa is full of smaller homes, and is not deed restricted. The residents of Port Tampa do not have to get their roofs cleaned like these Tampa Deed Restricted Roof Cleaning customers do. Though we clean million dollar roofs on a weekly basis in the Tampa Bay area, I personally do not live in a Million Dollar Home. LOL, I wish there was that much money in the roof cleaning business!
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Cleaning Tile Roof Tampa FL

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 No Walking On Tiles
 We are using our manlifts to clean these tile roofs in Tampa w/o walking on them. Every tile roof we clean is evaluated before we start cleaning. Some tile roofs are totally walkable(with lightweight, skilled roof cleaners) and some tile roofs are not walkable.

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roof stain removal tampa florida

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 Removing Roof Stains Tampa FL

The stains on your roof in Tampa are caused not from dirt, but from a plant called Gloeocapsa Magma growing on your roof. Our roof cleaning process safely removes the black roof stains, and our exclusive roof stain inhibitor keeps them from coming back so quickly. The humid climate here in West Central Florida feeds these roof stains, causing many of our customers in Tampa to get letters from your HOA asking you to get your roof cleaned. Here are some roof stain removal pictures of homes we have cleaned in the Tampa, FL area.

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Roof Cleaning Brandon, FL

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 Cleaning Brandon Florida Roof

 Apple Roof Cleaning is the 2002 winner of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award.
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asphalt shingle roof cleaning tampa

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Cleaning asphalt shingle roof in Tampa. 

asphalt shingle roof cleaning tampa

asphalt shingle roof cleaning tampa

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asphalt shingle roof cleaning

 shingle roof cleaning tampa

asphalt shingle roof cleaning tampa

Here are some asphalt shingle roofs we cleaned in the Tampa Florida area. Many asphalt shingles have been replaced by fiberglass shingles, or asphalt/fiberglass hybrids in an effort to extend roof life. Unfortunately, the amount of Limestone Filler in these asphalt and fiberglass roofing shingles has been increased. The Roof Algae just loves to feed on the Limestone Filler.  This, combined with the Tampa heat and Florida's humidity, make this an ideal condition for accelerated Algae growth. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa can safely remove, and retreat your roof to keep it clean. Make no mistake, all roof cleaning in Tampa is not the same. Look at our awards and qualifications, see for yourself. Watch our Tampa Roof Cleaning Slide Show, or simple click on the Roof Cleaning Institute Badge above. We are nationally known teachers of non pressure, asphalt shingle roof cleaning, see for yourself!

If you are looking for the best, and safest non pressure asphalt shingle roof cleaning in Tampa, you have found us. We will not knowingly be undersold by any other Tampa roof cleaning company. If you find a better price for equivalent asphalt shingle roof cleaning in Tampa, just tell us. We will match the price, and clean your roof better.

 Apple Roof Cleaning 7401 Patrician Place Tampa,FL 33619 Call(813)655-8777 for a free estimate!
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Chemical Roof Cleaning Tampa

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Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa Offers A Safe Chemical Roof Cleaning Process That Lasts 2-3 Times Longer than Pressure Washing Alone.
Our Chemical Roof Cleaning Process is Recommended by All Roofing Tile and Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers – All Without The Shingle Damage and/or Tile Breakage Inherent In Roof Pressure Washing!
Pressure Washing only removes the surface layers of mold, mildew and Black Algae, and in the cleaning process it severely  damages the shingles and roof tiles. Pressure Washing does not KILL the algae, mildew, and mold.  Chemical Roof Cleaning kills the mold, mildew, and Algae, including it’s roots and spores. The No pressure application insures that no damage is done to the asphalt roofing shingles or tiles. The result is Chemical Roof Cleaning produces a much cleaner, brighter roof that will remain clean much longer in Tampa then if Pressure Washing was used.
Here is a great article written by a Home Inspector that also warn of the dangers of Pressure Washing Roofs!

  • Roofing damage in progress:
    I was at an inspection, talking to my client about his plan to add a bathroom to a 2nd floor area, when out of the corner of my eye... "I am sorry Mark, but would you mind if I ran downstairs to get my camera?" I didn't wait for an answer. I needed a photo of this pressure washer damage "in action".

    Well, Mark was a nice guy and I needed a picture of this crime. The roof in question (see above) had been in fine shape (just a few minutes earlier). It had a little moss on it, some debris, but nothing that couldn't be solved with a garden blower or a soft broom and a moss control agent.
    Enter the pressure washer, and what a pressure washer it was. Just take a close look at the stream of 2400 PSI water being directed at the roof! Mark was also looking at this crime and spotted the fact that some of the roof tabs were being visibly lifted by the force of the water! (a video clip would work here). This fine roof was being destroyed! Granules were being washed off the shingles by the pound! Roofing tabs were being loosened and the self sealing adhesive broken! The roof was loosing years of life by the minute! (ok, ok, I will calm down.)
    So, what's wrong with pressure washing composition and most other types of roofs?
    • Composition roofing is a relatively soft material. Any abrasive action removes the protective granular surface, breaks the bond between the shingles and damages the fabric of the material.
    • At best pressure washing only does some damage to the roofing, at worst it destroys perfectly good roofing.
    • When pressure washing removes moss and debris from the roof, it also removes some of the roofing material.
    • If there is a lot of moss on the roof, the moss has already done some damage to the roofing material, the roofing material has already lost some of its integrity. Killing the moss with a moss control agent reduces further damage but leaves the roofing in place. Pressure washing removes the moss and the partially damaged roofing.
    • The bottom line is: pressure washing a roof will shorten the life of the roofing. Pressure washing removes moss, but also part of the roofing.
    Do pressure washers have any value? Yes! for deck maintenance, preparing siding for paint, and to clean concrete driveways. But even in such applications, keep in mind that pressure washers are very strong tools and can damage wood and other surfaces. They are used in logging operations to remove bark from trees!

    Remember, we teach Roof Cleaning at The Roof Cleaning Institute of America. We have been preaching against the Pressure Washing Of Roofs In Tampa, or anywhere else for years!.

     Apple Non Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning 7401 Patrician Place Tampa,FL 33619 Call (813)655-8777 for a free estimate!
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Good Roof Cleaning Article

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Here is a pretty straight foreword article I Googled about roof cleaning.  I agree with a lot of it, except the part about tile roofs can only be pressure washed. We have chemically cleaned well over Ten Thousand Tile Roofs in The Tampa Bay area with great results. However, we have learned and taught others to Gel and Emulsify roof cleaning chemicals, for less run off. Many so called "Green Roof Cleaning" and "Eco Friendly" cleaning methods are nothing more then Sodium Hydroxide applications rinsed of with supposedly "Low Pressure". It takes VERY  little pressure to damage roofing shingles, as the article correctly points out.

All About Roof Cleaning

Whats is the best way to have your roof washed? Check out these 3 popular methods and decide for yourself.
There are several roof cleaning methods available, but before going ahead and using one of these methods, know this: repeated roof cleaning can put stress on your roof and even shorten the life of your roof. By equipping yourself with enough information, you can avoid damaging your property unnecessarily, not to mention spare yourself of repair costs and having to replace your roof. A top quality roof, if maintained properly, has a life expectancy of at least 30 years.The three Ways to Clean Your Roof: There are three methods commonly used to clean roofs:
pressure washing, chlorine bleach washing and sodium hydroxide washing. Each of these roof cleaning methods has its advantages and disadvantages. If done correctly, these roof cleaning methods can effectively clean roofs without causing significant adverse effect. However, these roof cleaning method need to be done every 6 to 18 months to keep the roof clean. This frequent washing can wear out the roof and shorten its life.

Chlorine Bleach Solution Washes: Compared with the other two roof cleaning methods, chlorine bleach solution washing involves less rinsing. This makes the process of cleaning a roof relatively shorter. Because the roof is cleaned fast, it becomes less vulnerable to wear and tear. Chlorine, however, is toxic to plants and to some individuals. Thus, if you go with this roof cleaning method, make sure that you take the necessary precautions of carrying out this task. Chlorine bleach cleaning is suitable to asphalt shingle roofs.

Sodium Hydroxide-Based Cleaning: This type of roof cleaning method can be very effective at degreasing roofs. However, this cleaning method takes a much longer time than chlorine bleach washing because the sodium hydroxide needs to be thoroughly rinsed. As a consequence, a roof becomes more at risk for being damaged. A force of 100 psi is enough to wash away the cleaning solution on asphalt shingle roofs, but the force is enough to cause some asphalt granules to get washed away during the rinsing process. Advertisements claim that sodium hydroxide is safe to use, but it can actually be toxic. Thus, make sure that the solution does not run off or come into contact with people, plants and anything in the surrounding area during the application and rinsing process. In addition, sodium hydroxide is corrosive so any residues left can damage the roof, particularly those that are made of asphalt shingles.

Pressure washing is an option only for roofs made either of concrete, metal or barrel tiles. One of the distinct advantages of this method is that it does not require the use of chemicals, which does away with some costs, and which makes it more environment-friendly. This procedure, however, requires more time to perform and may exert more strain than some roofs can handle. Another downside is that it can wash away the thin layer of coloring with which some roof tiles are coated. The natural gray color of the concrete roof begins to show through, requiring the additional task of painting or staining.

David Lee is an expert on pressure washing and concrete cleaning. For more information see Atlanta pressure washing or Atlanta concrete cleaning or Atlanta roof cleaning .

 Apple Roof Cleaning 7401 Patrician Place Tampa,FL 33619 Call(813)655-8777 for a free estimate! Read More »


Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

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 This Barrel Tile Roof we cleaned was in South Tampa near Westshore, In Beach Park. It truly was filthy, and had the wide barrel tiles that are hard to get clean. We had to give it 3 coats of the Tile Roof Cleaning Chemical, and wait in between applications because it was so slippery! These wide tiles are not a bit brittle, and could be safely walked on. Another Tampa Roof Cleaning Company told this customer a lift was needed, or her tiles would get cracked. She called us for a second opinion, and we save her hundreds of dollars on her tile roof cleaning. All of our tile roof cleaners are small, athletic people who are properly trained with years of tile roof cleaning experience in the Tampa Florida area.

tile roof cleaning tampa florida

tile roof cleaning tampa florida

tile roof cleaning tampa florida
 Apple Tile Roof Cleaning 7401 Patrician Place Tampa,FL 33619 Call(813)655-8777 for a free estimate!
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Pressure Washing Tampa Florida

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Here are some pictures of a roof and soffits we cleaned in Tampa w/o using any pressure washing. The house and roof were very dirty with years of black mold from the Tampa Humidity. The house was to be painted. It was on Davis Island, near South Tampa.
Pressure Washing Tampa

Pressure Washing Tampa

Pressure Washing Tampa

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Pressure Washing Tampa

Pressure Washing Tampa

Apple Roof Cleaning 7401 Patrician Place Tampa,FL 33619 Call(813)655-8777 for a free estimate! Read More »

Roof Cleaning In Tampa

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 Here are some more Tampa Roof Cleaning Pictures I just found on my hard drive. I recently updated from Windows Vista to Windows 7, and lo and behold, look what I found.

If you are thinking about having your roof safely cleaned in Tampa, you might want to read this.

Why Should I Get My Tampa Roof Cleaned ?

Getting your roof cleaned in Tampa extends the life of it.  Tampa Florida's weather encourages growth of the black algae and green mildew on your roofing shingles, leading to the black stains you see.  Over time This roof infection loosens the Ceramic Granules, leaving the asphalt shingle roofing exposed to UV Rays, destroying your roof.  Cleaning your shingles extends the life of the roof in Florida, and increases the curb appeal of your home.

Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

Roof Cleaning Tampa

Roof Cleaning Tampa

Roof Cleaning Tampa FL
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