Tampa Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning - Non Pressure

Here is a Vertical Non Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning In Tampa we cleaned recently.
This Property was in Carrollwood Village In Tampa.
No Pressure was used to clean this tile roof.
You can see out thickened chemical cleaning solution we call "Apple Sauce" sticking to the Tiles ?
This cuts run off way down, and is safer for your plants and property!
Here in Tampa, Florida we deal with a specific type of algae that grows on our tile roofs (Gloeocapsa Magma). Apple Roof Cleaning Professionals use specially designed detergents and solutions called "Apple Sauce" to clean and destroy the algae, and prevent re-growth. We use the ONLY method that is recomended by the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America. Not only is it very dangerous to use high pressure to clean a tile roof, but it does not kill the algae. If the tile roof cleaning contractor does not use the correct method, you can expect to have your tile roof cleaned more often thus costing more money in the long run. High pressure water can seriously degrade roof tiles by removing the glaze, and enlarging the pores of the Tiles.
Once your tile roof has had it's pores enlarged by Pressure Washing, it will get dirty faster, since the enlarged pores in your roof tiles now hold more moisture!

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