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We do both gutter and roof cleaning, and try to keep up with the latest patents and developments in both. Here is an excerpt for a gutter cleaning patent.

The present invention relates to a roof gutter maintenance apparatus, and more specifically to an apparatus which enables a person to clean and maintain a roof gutter, while standing on the ground or at least a safe distance from the roof's edge.
As the gutters of a building become clogged with fallen leaves, dust and other debris, there exists a need for cleaning of the gutters to prevent heavy accumulation of such debris, which may lead to breaking of gutters and inability of the gutters to form a conduit for rain water in the regular manner. Additionally, accumulation of moist material and retention thereof in the gutters causes rusting and eventual deterioration of the gutters. To prevent such damage to the gutters, a person usually climbs to the roof of a building and cleans the gutters with a hand-held scraper or other similar tool, leaning dangerously to the edge of a building or climbs a ladder to the level of the gutter to clean it by a conventional cleaning tool.
However, both of these approaches are unsatisfactory should the building be more than one story high, in which case dangerous conditions exist for a serious injury to a person should he fall down from the roof or a ladder. Further, many homeowners find it physically impossible to clean the gutters by the above-noted two methods and have to call on professionals which leads to greater expenditures than the homeowner may wish to extend.
The present invention contemplates provision of a roof gutter cleaning apparatus which enables a person to clean and maintain the gutters while standing on the ground, without exposing himself to a danger of high elevation, or in the instance of a flat roof, enables the person to clean and maintain the gutters a safe distance from the roof's edge.
The present invention overcomes shortcomings of the prior art and achieves its objects in a simple and straight forward manner. A roof gutter maintenance apparatus is provided, which comprises an elongated hollow handle of a length sufficient for extending from the ground level to a roof gutter. Fixedly attached to a distant end of the handle is a supporting plate which carries a spraying nozzle on the top surface thereof. The spraying nozzle is in fluid communication with the hollow interior of the handle, so that the liquid traveling from the opposite end of the handle is propelled to the nozzle and sprayed into the roof gutter. The liquid can be water or treatment liquid, such as anti-corrosion solution, sealant and the like.
A first pair of brackets extend perpendicularly downward from the bottom surface of the supporting plate, with a pin passing through co-aligned apertures in the lower portions of the brackets. Supported on the pin, in a free rotational movement, is a first roller which supports the gutter maintenance apparatus while rolling along the bottom surface of the gutter. A second pair of brackets are mounted in laterally spaced-apart parallel relationship to the first pair of brackets and support a pin which passes through co-aligned apertures formed in the lower portions of the second pair of brackets. The second pin serves as a rotational axis for a second spool-like roller which stabilizes the position of the maintenance apparatus while rolling along a lip of a roof gutter, preventing lateral displacement of the cleaning apparatus during its movement along the roof gutter.
A pair of securing plates are angularly and fixedly attached on opposite sides of the supporting plate and are adapted for securing a roof gutter maintenance and cleaning attachment tool to alternative sides of the securing plate, depending on the direction of movement of the cleaning apparatus along a roof gutter. The cleaning attachment tool or device can be in the form of a rake, rubber "squeeze" device or other similar tool. The cleaning apparatus can be selectively moved along the gutter in the left-hand or right-hand directions, whichever is required.
It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a roof gutter maintenance and cleaning apparatus which is stable in operation and is stable in movement along the roof gutter.
It is a further object of the present invention to provide a roof gutter maintenance apparatus which has means for delivery of water or a treatment liquid to the roof gutter from the ground level.
It is still a further object of the present invention to provide a maintenance apparatus which has means to allow changing of a cleaning attachment device, when required.
It is still another object of the present invention to provide a maintenance apparatus which has means for propelling of liquid from a ground level to a spray nozzle for spraying of a liquid at the level of a roof gutter.
These and other objects of the present invention will be more apparent to those skilled in the art from the following detailed description of the present invention.

Many Tampa Gutter and Roof Cleaning Companies simply take a pressure washer and blast away on your gutters. This high pressure spray is faster, but can actually lift and tear your roofing shingles! We have several gutter cleaning tools we can use, depending on what is safest for your situation.
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