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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 won the Brandon Florida Chamber of Commerce Business Of The Year Award in 2002. Watch our Slideshow, and see us at work. No Company in the Tampa area has cleaned as many Asphalt Shingle or Barrel Tile Roofs as us. Read more about us by clicking here


Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaned Chemically

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 A Job in Tampa we did recently, using our Chemical Roof Cleaning System

No Pressure Washing of any kind was used on this Tampa Palms Tile Roof.

The Apple Roof Cleaning exclusive Tri Chem Chemical Cleaning System was used, that treats the black roof algae as a pest, instead of just a roof stain.

Our Chemical Tile Roof Cleaning not only lasts far longer then Pressure Washing, it also gives a better long term appearance. This is because unlike Pressure Washing, the chemical cleans all the roof tiles evenly. 

Think about it ? A Barrel Tile Roof is a round surface, and it is not possible to apply the exact same amount of pressure to the round sides of the tiles, as it is to the surface. This often leads to what we call "Zebra Striping" of the roof.

We think the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves. 

If you have any roof, shingle, metal, flat or barrel tile, that needs cleaned in the Greater Tampa Florida area, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate and consultation.

Much of the time, we can get all the information we need to give you an immediate quote by phone, on your roof cleaning cost.

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A Dirty Roof Can Cancel Homeowners Insurance

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Getting and keeping homeowners insurance here in the Tampa Florida area is not easy, so don't allow a dirty roof to compromise your ability to get insurance.
Some Insurance Agents here in the Tampa area are suggesting that homeowners make sure their shingle and tile roofs are clean and spotless, before the insurance company comes out to inspect the property.
Our Non Pressure Roof Cleaning is guaranteed in writing to be safe for your roof. Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free consultation, and an estimate on your roof cleaning cost.

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Tile Roof Cleaned Chemically In Tampa Palms

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Here is a barrel tile roof we just chemically cleaned yesterday 2 -26-2014 in Tampa Palms.
It seems we almost "live" in zip code 33647, since we do so much roof cleaning work there.
This was the second time we serviced this customer.
This tile roof was cleaned by us nearly 6 years ago. They got a roof cleaning letter from the Tampa Palms Homeowners Association, remembered us, and used us again.

LOL, we were fortunate to get out of this Tampa Palms Subdivision, since everyone there got roof cleaning letters it seems.
Our guys handed out a lot of our business cards, and it looks like one of our 2 roof cleaning trucks we will be quite busy with the neighbors.

If you have a tile or shingle roof in the Tampa area that needs to be cleaned the proper way, using chemicals instead of pressure washing, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate.

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About Our Owner

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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa
is owned and operated by Chris Tucker.

He is also the founder of The Roof Cleaning Institute Of America, and a nationally known expert and teacher of non pressure roof cleaning.

The roof cleaning industry in Tampa is packed full of fly-by-night operators, untrained people who claim this or that, companies that claim to be #1 with special cleaning systems and so on. Don't believe the hype!

This is why Chris started Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa. There is an absolute need for a professional, honest, trustworthy, fully trained, and knowledgeable company that specializes in residential roof cleaning in the safest manner possible.

Got questions? Give us a call! You'll get nothing but total and complete honesty. This is a key factor that most companies lack. Some companies will try to trick you when asked what they use to clean your roof. They'll use big & fancy words and hope that you don't know the difference.

At Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, we treat every client with respect and honesty! It's the way we want to be treated when we're consumers. Chris is a true professional and believes in taking care of his customers. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed 100%!

If we need to go out to a clients home to give an estimate, (most of the time this is not needed) we completely explain the roof cleaning process step by step in easy to understand terms. We want you to fully understand how your roof is going to be cleaned, and we'll stay there as long as needed, even provide a free demo.

How many companies will go this far? Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa™ will go as far as it takes! We want all of our clients to be educated when it comes to roof cleaning. Maybe then can we get rid of all those con men fly-by-night operators.

Don't trust your shingle or tile roof to just anyone!
Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa™ 813-655-8777 and get the facts!
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Hi I am Chris! Founder of Apple Roof Cleaning. I enjoy Cleaning Shingle And Tile Roofs In The Tampa Florida area, and teaching what I know at The Roof Cleaning Institute Of America. Read More..
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