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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 won the Brandon Florida Chamber of Commerce Business Of The Year Award in 2002. Watch our Slideshow, and see us at work. No Company in the Tampa area has cleaned as many Asphalt Shingle or Barrel Tile Roofs as us. Read more about us by clicking here


Some Tile Roof Cleanings In Tampa Florida

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Yes, we are the tile roof cleaning company that cleans many of the multi million dollar homes, here in the Tampa Florida area. If you scroll down to the post right before this one, you can see a 14, 000 square foot home with a tile roof that we cleaned. But multi million dollar homes with barrel and flat tile roofs are not all we do.

Here are a couple of barrel tile roofs we cleaned recently in the Tampa area. One home was in the Storington section of Tampa Palms. The other home, the one with the Moss and leaves/debris all over the barrel tile roof, was located in the Beach Park section of South Tampa.

Here are the before and after pictures.

Dirty tile roof in Tampa Palms

Spotlessly Clean Tile Roof In Tampa Palms
Filthy Barrel Tile Roof, Somewhere In Tampa

Cleaned Tile Roof By Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa
 Oops, I made a mistake, there are 3 different tile roof cleaning pictures, not 2.  The yellow house above was somewhere in the Tampa Florida area, I just can't recall right now exactly where it was.
South Tampa Tile Roof Before We Cleaned it

South Tampa Tile Roof After The Cleaning

The before and after pictures above of the tile roof with the Moss on it were in the Beach Park part of South Tampa.

We think our pictures speak for themselves, and this is the quality of tile roof cleaning you can expect from us.

Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate.

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North Tampa Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning 10-2-2014

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A tile roof cleaning  job near Tampa Florida that we did today (10-4-2014). This luxury custom built home is 14,000 sq feet, including the 5 car garage, and a repeat customer. This one had those wide barrel tiles that are quite common on luxury homes here in Tampa.
Tampa Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Before

Barrel Tile Roof in Tampa Cleaned After
This barrel tile
roof also had a lot of Copper on it, so we had to clean slowly, and be sure not to get any of the tile roof cleaning solution on the Copper. or it could have stripped the Patina. Our customer is a car collector, and had several old and rare muscle cars in the garage. He is also a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan, so we talked plenty of football and hot rods, once we got done cleaning his roof. He told me that several  Buccaneer's live close to him, in his exclusive subdivision. It feels good when one of our past roof cleaning customers hires us again. We have been doing what we do here in the Tampa area nearly 22 years, and nearly 1/2 of our current business is from customers we have serviced in the past. Though we apply a special roof treatment chemical so our roofs stay clean longer, it is important  to know that the plant that is growing on your roof will eventually grow back. The heat and high humidity here in the Tampa Florida area will make certain of that.
But our goal here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is to prevent the regrowth of this plant, for as long as our current technology permits.  Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate and consultation on all your roof cleaning needs.

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Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaned Chemically

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 A Job in Tampa we did recently, using our Chemical Roof Cleaning System

No Pressure Washing of any kind was used on this Tampa Palms Tile Roof.

The Apple Roof Cleaning exclusive Tri Chem Chemical Cleaning System was used, that treats the black roof algae as a pest, instead of just a roof stain.

Our Chemical Tile Roof Cleaning not only lasts far longer then Pressure Washing, it also gives a better long term appearance. This is because unlike Pressure Washing, the chemical cleans all the roof tiles evenly. 

Think about it ? A Barrel Tile Roof is a round surface, and it is not possible to apply the exact same amount of pressure to the round sides of the tiles, as it is to the surface. This often leads to what we call "Zebra Striping" of the roof.

We think the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves. 

If you have any roof, shingle, metal, flat or barrel tile, that needs cleaned in the Greater Tampa Florida area, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate and consultation.

Much of the time, we can get all the information we need to give you an immediate quote by phone, on your roof cleaning cost.

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A Dirty Roof Can Cancel Homeowners Insurance

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Getting and keeping homeowners insurance here in the Tampa Florida area is not easy, so don't allow a dirty roof to compromise your ability to get insurance.
Some Insurance Agents here in the Tampa area are suggesting that homeowners make sure their shingle and tile roofs are clean and spotless, before the insurance company comes out to inspect the property.
Our Non Pressure Roof Cleaning is guaranteed in writing to be safe for your roof. Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free consultation, and an estimate on your roof cleaning cost.

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